Our 5000 Club Food Ministry

About the 5000 Club

Our 5000 Club food ministry began in the spring of 2006 as an effort to provide the hospitality of a weekly evening meal to those who in live in our neighborhood, including those without a home to call their own. The program quickly grew to where we are serving close to 200 meals a week, thanks to a strong corp of volunteers. They range from members of our cathedral and other area churches to individuals who simply want to help. Join the effort. Volunteers are always needed and welcome. Read more below.

Be a Kitchen Coordinator

Eight years ago, Christ Church Cathedral began feeding the hungry every Tuesday evening. With few exceptions, the original volunteers of the 5000 Club continue to maintain this ministry. They have cooked more than 7,600 pounds of chicken, 9,600 pounds of ground beef, 2,000 pounds of pasta and 12,000 pounds of vegetables. They have prepared mounds of salads, served thousands of rolls and desserts, and made gallons and gallons of coffee and lemonade and pitchers of ice water. That adds up to more than 94,000 complete meals.

Although there has been a steady infusion of volunteers to do the final prep work on the meals and to serve them, and to wash and dry those thousands of dishes, there have been few new volunteers to oversee the kitchen operation each week.

Right now there are seven volunteers who serve as kitchen coordinators. Factoring in vacations, sick days and other obligations means that those seven are in charge of a meal for 250 people about once a month. More help is needed. Specifically, four new kitchen coordinators are needed.

A kitchen coordinator is responsible for planning the menu and seeing that the food is purchased, delivered or picked up, cooked and served. (The ministry has pre-set menus to choose from, but other meal ideas are welcomed.) The coordinator also delegates work assignments in the kitchen. Volunteers from the Anna Louise Inn set the tables and a church member has taken over the job of preparing and refilling all the drinks every week, but the kitchen coordinator needs to make sure that the food is ready to be served on time and that there are volunteers are in place to serve the meal.

Over the eight years, the volunteers have developed a system to make each part of this ministry run as smoothly as possible. Not only that, they have fun doing it!

If you love to cook, this is a ministry for you. Training is provided. Come and see the operation any Tuesday. Cooking begins at 3 p.m. The meal is served and dishes put away by 7 p.m.

Interested? Contact Foy Knierim.

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