The Annual Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival


Since 1939, we have been mounting the annual Boar's Head & Yule Log Festival the weekend following Christmas -- this year's production will be after New Year's. Adults and children from across the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio and from elsewhere in the community join us to serve in the cast and crew. We consider our presentation of the Boar's Head to be a Christmas gift to the people of Cincinnati. Our cathedral is always packed for this festive occasion.

Upcoming Performance Dates

Saturday, January 3, 2 p.m. (dress rehearsal) and 5 p.m.
Sunday, January 4, 2:30 and 5 p.m.


All tickets have been distributed, but you are welcome to come to the performance of your choice and will be seated 15 minutes prior to starting time as seats are available.

Boar's Head Art Exhibit

Come see the Boar's Head Art Exhibit commemorating the 75th anniversary of our annual presentation of the Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival. Running through January 5, the exhibit will include a collection of works by artists and photographers depicting the spectacular pageantry of this gift to the city. Visit our 75th anniversary blog to read more about the artists, as well as others stories behind 75 years of Boar's Head productions.

Boar's Head Blog

Visit our 75th anniversary blog to read more about the artists exhibiting in the show described above. The blog is also your source for other stories about key players -- and more! -- behind 75 years of Boar's Head productions.

Boar's Head Commemorative Program

Owe your own part of the Boar's Head history and purchase a copy of the special commemorative program. The booklet contains over 100 photographs of performances from decades past, as well as from more recent times. The program will be available for purchase at all performances.

Be a Part of It All!

Want to be in the cast or crew? Contact Bob Beiring.

Interested in singing in the Boar's Head choir or participating as a solo singing cast member? Contact Stephan Casurella.

Make a donation.

Hungry Cast and Crew

The medieval cast and crew of our annual Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival consumes 48 loaves of bread, 20 pounds of ham salad, 20 gallons of lemonade and much more. Please help feed this hungry lot with your donations of crackers, plain chips and pretzels, baked goods, bricks of cheese, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, a cooked ham or turkey. To protect costumes, please do not donate any dripping, gooey or sloppy foods. Monetary gifts are also welcome. To make your donation, please contact Kathy Jose.

Above photo credits: Beefeater Uniforms: ©2014 Barry Carlin. Pastel Sketches, A Pair of Beefeaters: ©2007 Roy Steiner. Still Life with Bells and Still life with mandolin: ©2014 Constance Sanders.


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