Christian Formation Opportunities and Classes

"Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth" -Psalm 86:11

Cathedral Academy

Cathedral Academy deepens faith and explore new concepts of Christianity.

Baptismal Class

Sub-Dean Manoj Zacharia will lead a Baptismal class on Saturday, October 11, from 9 a.m to noon in the cathedral library. The class is intended for parents who wish to have their children baptized, the godparents, and baptismal candidates as preparation for the sacrament of Baptism. For more information, contact Sub-Dean Manoj Zacharia.


Wrestling with Logos

Please join us for the Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo's lecture, Wrestling with Logos, or It's All Greek to Me, on Saturday, October 18, at 3 p.m. Dr. Ferlo is a professor at the Bexley Seabury Theological Seminary and his presentation is designed to open new ways into scripture for those who have often assumed that interpreting the Bible was a matter for the experts to discern. No knowledge of Greek required: just an open mind, an open heart, an open Bible--and a sense of humor. A reception in the undercroft will follow. Please register if you plan to attend by contacting Sub-Dean Manjo Zacharia.

Bible Study

Today's Bible Readings
Sundays, 9 a.m.

Men's Bible Study
Thursdays, 8 a.m., Library

Women's Bible Study
Thursdays, noon, Library

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

About Christian Formation

What is traditionally called religious education, or even Sunday School, is known as Christian Formation at the cathedral. This is not just some branding effort to be different or unique. Instead, it reflects an approach to how we believe we may best grow as Christians.

Being a Christian is not only an intellectual pursuit, but also -- and deeply - a matter of the heart and spirit. When we open ourselves up to the concept of formation, a formation directed by the hand of God, we move into our true callings as human persons. The act of formation becomes transformation. And in that, we learn what it truly means to be Christian. Our classes reflect this understanding.

The Christian Formation committee is chaired by Susan West.

For information on our Christian Formation program for youth, click here. For information on our children's program, click here.

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