Virtual Tour

Tour the Nave, the Centennial Chapel and the Undercroft

Navigation Instructions

For easiest viewing of the virtual tour, first begin with the white compass in the upper left hand corner. There, you have the ability to zoom in and out on the screen by clicking the + or - symbol.

To move through the space itself, be sure you are completely zoomed out of the image, and then click the bottom, grey arrow on the white compass just one time. From there, two white arrows will appear towards the bottom center of the image. If at first these do not appear, try hovering your mouse over this area of the image.

Click these white arrows to navigate through the nave, the chapel and the undercroft (links to still shots elsewhere in the cathedral can be found below the virtual tours). The arrows in the white compass allow you to explore within each location by giving a 360 degree view of your current room.

Click the small, white box in the upper right hand corner for a full screen view of the tour. Once you are finished viewing the full screen mode, click the Escape button on your keyboard to return to the previous page.

Virtual Tour

Cathedral Nave

Centennial Chapel


Photo Gallery

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